Frequent Internet or Wi-Fi disconnections with Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems.

Problem Description: You will find that some Dell, HP and Lenovo laptops will face intermittent Internet disconnections. Sometimes Wi-Fi disappears from notification tray, and you will have to restart the laptop to reconnect to network. This issue doesn’t appear on all Wi-Fi networks. I have seen users stating it works perfectly fine on home Wi-Fi and they face issues in office only.

If you carefully check for events under Windows Event viewer you will find events “Has determined that the network adapter is not functioning properly.” or “Has encountered an internal error and has failed.” Please search for Event id 5005 and event id 5002.

Resolution: Please note that this issue typically occurs because of outdated device drivers. If you go check on laptop vendor’s site, you may find that you are already using updated drivers for the system. Please open device manager on your machine and check for manufacturer and model of your Wi-Fi network adapter. You will also find these details in Windows events.

In my case it was Intel. Please check for updated drivers’ software on the Wi-Fi device manufacturer’s web site to fix the issue.

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