Could not connect to one or more vcenter server system 443/sdk VCSA 6.7

When you login to vCenter web client you do not see any inventory under Hosts & clusters. Also after login you will see error message- could not connect to https://vcenter.fqdn.domain:443/sdk

Solution: When I went through logs, I found it was issue related to disk space. Please follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. SSH to your vCenter appliance
  2. Give the command mentioned below

cat /var/log/vmware/vpxd/vpxd.log | grep error


error vpxd[35537] [Originator@6876 sub=vpxdVdb] Insufficient free space for the Database (used: 95%; threshold: 95%)

If you have similar logs entries then continue with this article, otherwise your issue could be different.

3.Give the command df –h to see which drive is full.

4.Increase the disk space from ESXi host by editing VCSA.

5.Now give the command mentioned below

vpxd_servicecfg storage lvm autogrow

6.Use df –h command to make sure disk space is increased.

7.Use the following commands to start webclient.

service-control –start vpxd

service-control –start vsphere-client

Your web client should now show inventory of ESXi hosts.

Please note- I faced this issue on VCSA 6.7, for other versions log file location will be different.

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