Microsoft runtime DLL installer failed to complete the installation – VMware Tools

VMware Tools – Microsoft runtime DLL installer failed to complete the installation.

Problem Description:

You may be able to install VMware tools on some windows machine and encounter “Microsoft Runtime DLL installer failed” error on few machines running on same ESXi/vCenter. Even if you restart the VM you will see same error when you try to install VMWare tools.


Turn off the VM, yes, turn off and wait for around 5 minutes, VM has to break all the open handles with parent host/vCenter. Turn on the VM and run VMWare Tools installer, this time the installation will complete without any error.

Tested on/applies to: ESXi/vCenter 6.0 and 6.5


  1. Hi

    I am getting same error “microsoft runtime dll installer failed to complete installation” while installing VMware workstation player 15.5 over Windows10 (64-bit)

    Please help.

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