Static IP assignment to VM may fail

Static IP assignment to VM may fail.


Problem Description:

If you change your VM from DHCP to static IP, it may fail to respond you on static IP although all the networking parameters are correct.


For VM – The mac virtual NIC gets cached on network devices and hence when you change IP of VM the mac to IP table never gets updated. Even if you restart the VM, most of the times VM machines just come up in few seconds but not giving enough time for network devices to clear the cached mac binding. The best way is shut down the guest VM and keep it down for 5 minutes since it stops sending mac address in the network the network devices clear the mac from their table. When you turn on the VM, it sends it mac and new IP in the network. you will get the response from new IP address. If it doesn’t solve your issue then you have to double check the network parameters you set on the NIC and also on network settings of ESXi host.

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