vSphere HA agent cannot be installed or configured

vSphere HA agent cannot be installed or configured

When you manually put ESXi server in maintenance mode it may fail to join HA after coming out of maintenance mode. Even if you restart the ESXi host and retry the HA joining operation it will fail with the timeout error.

Solution :

It appears that vCenter server cache invalid data about ESXi host which was in maintenance mode, preventing it joining the cluster. If you do not have any job running on vCenter server then restart the vCenter server. When vCenter server reboots, ESXi host will automatically join the cluster. If vCenter reboot doesn’t fix the issue in your environment then disable HA and re-enable by going to properties of the cluster.


    1. Hello,
      Disabling HA will not affect any of your running VMs, neither VMs nor your ESXi hosts will reboot when you disable/enable HA.
      As I mentioned in article please first try rebooting your vCenter, it is supposed to resolve the issue. Another thing I have noticed is, if you keep the ESXi server in shutdown state (or disconnected from network for around 30 minutes) then the vCenter server will clear the cache data of ESXi host and may join it back in cluster without any issues when it comes online.

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